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the opulence of invention

In his debut book of poetry and illustrations, E. P. takes us to a literary circus of twisted beauty, with daring feats of wordplay, cinematic dreams and surreal fantasies. A place where ideas form into beasts, both fantastic and unfathomable.

We are then guided through dark forests of myths, into tombs of history and back out into the sunlight where rock stars and artists tell their tales. We drink to freedom, above us only clouds. 

Your guide awaits! 
*130 pages with illustrations. 5 stars! Kindle EBook is FREE with paperback that you can gift to friends. #TheOpulenceOfInvention

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Amazon User Reviews


"If steampunk ever transformed into lyrical form, this book

would be the melody...Dark and delightfully twisty."  -W. C.

"The wild, post-apocalytpic imagery, pacing, and disjointed structure of the poetry in this volume immediately called to mind The Wasteland by T.S. Elliot for this reader."  -J. B.

"By no means a bedtime read, this book, a beautiful amalgam of poetry and prose, needs the reader to be alert and engaged on

various levels to be able to fully enjoy the poet’s creativity."  -M

"Buy this book and you won't be disappointed!"  -L. R.

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