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visions of a rainforest


Lime, fruit of fountains

oval vial of forest perfume

verdant egg of peeling armor

drained in sour rivers.



Panda peering

cloud with coal eyes

paws clawing bamboo shoots

flutes in a white mind.



Terrestrial tarantula

creeping crooked braids

swinging on the jaguar’s tail

eyeing the chittering marmoset.



Stout, grunting boar

bellowing blood of warfare

muscular, waddling root-grubber

brood of tusk horses

gargoyle of ground.



Golden buzzing violins

dizzily diving bloom shepherds

pollen pirates, knights of nectar

zebra motes of honey dust.



Tired little gypsy

with her cloak of rainbows

cawing axe of horn

craning on the rubber tree

her pigment garment 

fanning in fervent spears.




Under the green forest canopy

in the dark heart of the earth

roam these exotic visions of life

singing their mad, perfect song

in the last meadows of shadow.

From The Opulence Of InventionCopyright © 2018 E. P. Mattson, All Rights Reserved.

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